Quality Childcare!

We believe that quality childcare is more than custodial care that meets minimum requirements. Quality Childcare should offer an environment contributing to the optimal growth and development of the child as an individual, as a part of a family and ultimately as a member of society. This should be a safe and nurturing environment, filled with child-initiated, child-directed and adult supported play and learning experiences.

We believe in consistent quality when it comes to cleanliness, nutrition and safety. For example, we require each child to be signed in and out daily. We conduct thorough reference checks on all our staff before they're hired. We follow strict vehicle inspections and maintenance procedures, conduct regular fire drills and maintain current child-specific contacts in the event of an emergency.

At Pledger Palace Child Development and Educational Center, we believe that parents are the most significant adult in a child's life and strive to form close ties with parents in support of the development and education of your child. You will recieve frequent communications from us, both in person and in writing, so you're constantly informed of your child's progress, achievements and daily activities. We listen to parents and if a concern arises, we'll work quickly to resolve the issue.

Best of all, we're flexible. Whether your needs are full time, part-time, or even Saturday care, we have a program that's right for you and your child.  


It gives us great pleasure to share a little of our history.  

Pledger Palace Child Development and Educational Center, Inc. Formally known as Pledger Palace In Home Daycare, has grown from a one person in home daycare, established in 1996 in Currituck County North Carolina to what we are today.

The one person in home center was acquired by Pledger Palace CDEC, Inc. in December 2000.  From December of 2000 to August 2009 we were located inside a very old building, that when we look into it's history, was one of the first schools houses in Currituck County.  The county was proud to know that the laughter of children would once again be inside what was called the old school house.

In fall of 2009 we acquired our new location in Dare County North Carolina just north of the Wright Memorial Bridge. We are Very proud to be the first childcare center of the Martin's Point Community.

Our color purple was chosen because it represents, royalty and new beginnings.  So sit back, you are about to take a look into an organization made up of a very special team that takes pride in serving our families with the highest quality of care. ​

Our Mission:

“Pledger Palace” is more than the average daycare. We operate a premium child development & educational program with the highest quality of care. Further, it is our “Direct Attempt” to aid in the dismissal of the “negative presumption” of daycare, and to be a godparent in the development of your children through the most important years of their lives.

“The early years of a child’s life profoundly affect the later ones”

The activities at Pledger Palace are designed to reflect a balance between active play and quiet times or rest; always allowing the flexibility to meet the individual needs of our children and build self-esteem and to respect the rights of others.​

Our Philosophy

“ A Godparent To Your Children "
Helping Develop our Preservers of Tomorrow​

Pledger Palace is called an Educational Center, rather than a Preschool because the word “preschool”- meaning before school, does not give proper credit to the learning that goes on in a quality early childhood development and educational program. Our program is developmental by nature and is based on the theory that it is what we do in the “EARLY YEARS” with children, before we present the “Basic” of formal education, which will create success or failure for them as they learn.

Children learn best through concrete play oriented approaches to education. For a young child, learning something new is often the result of interaction between their thoughts and experiences, and the surrounding environment. The value of play cannot be overstated. It is through play that children develop curiosity and imagination, learn to concentrate and make confident decisions.

Therefore, at Pledger Palace, we provide a developmentally appropriate program, stressing child initiated, child-directed, adult supported play in a safe and nurturing environment. Our curriculum offers a variety of attractive, stimulating activities that promote physical, social, emotional, creative and cognitive development. Activities are geared to the age appropriateness of the group, as well as the individual needs of each child in the group. Our program offers a child, time to grow, time and room to explore, to experiment and reason, to discover, and time to play and time to just be a child.

We feel that young children function best in a consistent program with familiar caregivers. Warm positive relationships with adults; help children develop a sense of trust and feeling of worth. Because a child’s experience at Pledger Palace is only an addition to their home experiences, we feel very strongly that staff and families must work together in order to provide for optimal development of the children. When we are working toward a common goal, the children’s sense of security, self-confidence and individual worth, it can’t help but make them feel good about themselves and develop into preservers of tomorrow.​

About Us!

Our Goals: 

To provide: Infant stimulation, toddler development, developmental preschool and school-age programs.

  • Nutritious meals

  • Clean and Safe Environment

  • Schedule with flexibility

  • Respected partnership between family and school

  • Nurturing quality care from qualified personnel​

Pledger Palace Child Development and Educational Center, Inc.

Each team member has on file three written references from previous employees, and or supervisor. We require a police record check, a physical examination, and drug screening. 

Continuing education is an important part of working at Pledger Palace. Each team member attends training in first aid, communicable disease recognition, child abuse prevention and recognition, child development, and teaching methods.

Missions And Goals

Our purpose is to train and educate children of today while developing them into preservers of tomorrow, offering experiences for children (6) weeks to (12) years of age.​

Our Staff

(Referred to as Team Members)

We have selected our team members carefully in order to provide the best possible care and education for the children. 

We employ people who are warm and nurturing, who understand child development, who can apply their knowledge in the classroom, who are willing to continue their education in child development, and who respect each child as an individual. We seek employees who value working as a team with parents, colleagues, and volunteers.