(Advancing The Wonder Years)

  • Motor Skills Development - outdoor games, dancing, movement
  • Language Development - recognizing and forming letters, story time, speech
  • Sensory Development - textures, understanding the senses, descriptive activities
  • Imaginative Development - arts and crafts, dramatic play, storytelling
  • Social Development - large and small group activities, sharing, politeness

At this age, children are inventors, problem solvers, discoverers and dreamers. They learn about the world around them as they take things apart, put them together and ask lots and lots of questions. We give them the guidance and the tools they need to explore and learn within a comfortable, secure environment.

We believe that all children are capable and talented, and that they learn in their own ways. So we help them discover and develop their own talents.

Special Occasion Care!!!

Special Services include:
  • Birthday Club
  • Bridal Baby
  • Royalty Shuttles 
  • Parent Nights Out 
  • Night Shift (4:00pm to Midnight!!!)
  • Drop In Care (1 to 12 years of age!)

Birthday Club!​

Are you looking for a clean, safe and secure environment for your child's Birthday Celebrations?​

If so, we will gladly assist you! We will provide you with the space as well as the Pledger Palace Moon Bounce and clean up!

*Family is responsible for food and décor OR we wil be glad to take all the worries and work for you and offer you a turn key celebration!


(6 weeks to 12 months)

An Enriching Environment for Your Baby​​
  • Motor Skill Development- grasping, clutching, movement.
  • Sensory Development- touching, feeling, listening
  • Play and Rest​

designed to enhance babies development  while allowing them to explore and learn about the world around them.Every moment with an infant is precious and we take advantage of that.  We coo, cuddle, rock, sing and bond with your baby. Our specially designed infant care rooms are places where babies feel safe, secure and happy.  Personal cribs, personal areas for changing and feeding, and a "no-shoes" policy, ensure clean playing, eating and sleeping spaces.  Through simple games like peek-a-boo, our loving teachers begin the foundational work for later learning and help infants develop motor skills. However, we never forget that you are your child's most important teacher, so we'll work with you, give you daily reports and offer tips on how to reinforce what your child learns in their time with us.

At Pledger Palace Child Development and Educational Center, we believe each baby achieves certain developmental milestones. Our infant program provides an enriching environment 
Each baby is different, developing at his or her own pace.  Each has definite characteristics, likes and dislikes.

Some babies like to be held up high, some babies like to be held close to you. Others like to face out so they can see everything around them. Some infants can sleep peacefully for hours around others and some need a quiet place to rest alone.

In addition to enhancing the development of children, our main goal in our relationship with babies is to form basic trust. We show each baby that their needs will be met and that this new world they have arrived in is filled with all sorts of pleasant new experiences. Once babies learn to trust, they will respond openly and securely to new challenges.

During infacy, a child develops rapidly in a variety of ways. A baby develops skills of grasping objects, attending to and following objects with their eyes and controlling head and body movement. Each of these milestones is important in the infant's development toward independence and positive self-esteem.


(The Wonder Years)
We're constantly listening to and talking with children. We hold them, rock them and encourage their social, emotional and language development. We surround them with age-appropriate toys and tools to encourage exploration and discovery and enhance their overall development. 

Each child is different developing at their own pace, our caregivers work individual with each child to reinforce the kind of skills, needs and interests appropriate for toddlers and two years olds. 

Your child can investigate brightly colored objects and shapes, dress up, practice somersaults on soft mats, chase after a spongy ball or build fantastic structures with blocks.

At this stage, children will also begin "pretend play" and imitate the adults they often see, their vocabulary grows at an extraordinary rate as they imitate adults and practice combining words to communicate needs, wishes and feelings.

Our main goal in our relationship with children at this age is to form a basic trust. Whether a child is learning to make their own choices for a snack, matching toys, or finding a sense of security, we show each child that his or her needs will be met, and that this is truely a wonderful place in which we live.

Older Fives to Twelve Years

(The Voyagers Club)

A Before and After School Program that sends you on a journey to a new world. The Voyager's Club was created to ease the minds of our parents with school age children.

When it comes to school age children, parents don't need an adventure. They don't need hassles, worries, or unhappy children. Parents need the peace of mind that their children are safe, secure, and having fun.

School-age children, on the other hand, live for adventure. That's why Pledger Palace Child Development Before and After School program that sends school-agers on a daily journey of fun to explore new experiences.

Each child had definite likes and dislikes. With this in mind, we design the Voyager's Club to give children lots of different choices, allowing them to express their own individuality.

The Voyager's Club will provide an enriching environment with fun activities specially designed to enhance the development and self-esteem of school-age children at all levels.

The program meets the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs of school-age children, and there is always something newand challenging to explore. 

When it comes to school-age children, parents don’t need an adventure. They don’t need hassles, worries, or unhappy children. Parents need the peace of mind that their children are safe, secure, and having fun. 

School-age children on the other hand, live for adventure. That’s why Pledger Palace Child Development and Educational Center created “Camp Voyager”, which is a part of our Voyager’s Club. It’s a school-age program that sends school-agers on a daily journey of fun to explore new experiences. We will unearth some of the greatest wonders on our voyagers! Experiencing the lives of people in different cultures, habitats, and atmospheres will guide us to discover the true strength of characters within ourselves.

The Voyager’s Club will provide an enriching environment with fun filled activities specially designed to enhance the development and self-esteem of school-age children at all levels. Our programs meets the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs of school-age children, there is always something new and challenging to explore.

Camp Voyager gives the children an opportunity to get involved with their community, families, and friends in what they are experiencing and learning. So Come On!! 
Join us for An Adventure You’ll Remember For A Lifetime!

Drop in Care 

(1 to 12 years of age!) 

If you need some "ME TIME" this is the program for you!

Specialized childcare on the Outer Banks has never been more accessible! With our new centrally located facility, Pledger Palace is your "FULL SERVICE" childcare vacation destination!


Parent Nights Out! 

Are you searching for a quality childcare service to assist you with having an adult night out without the worry of leaving your little ones behind?

Then let Pledger Palace take the worry out of your mind while you concentrate on just having a relaxed evening of fun!  This service is offered on the 1st Friday and 3rd Saturday of each Month.

Night Shift! 

(4:00pm to Midnight!!!)   

Our night shift was designed with our late night professionals in mind. 

    Whether you work in the medical field, restaurant profession, or the retail business Pledger Palace has a program for you.

Threes & Young Fours

(Pre-School Years)

Three and four year olds are beginning to make friends, some are real and some are imaginary. They enjoy expressing their creativity by working with play dough or doing a fun dance with streamers.

Each preschooler is different, developing at their own pace. Each has their definite interests, likes and dislikes. Nobody respects this individuality more than Pledger Palace Child Development and Educational Center. We have developed a learning program that lets children choose their own activities under the guidance of nurturing teachers. Children can explore just what they feel ready to discover. This gives them more chances to succeed and feel good about who they are. We surround them with age appropriate learning tools to stimulate exploration, discovery and overall development.

Our Services include:

  • Infants
  • Toddlers
  • Twos
  • Threes & Young Fours 
  • Older Fours & Young Fives
  • Older Fives to Twelve Years
  • Camp Voyager

As We Have Have A SAFE and Fun Summer!

**Please note that SAFETY is always our 1st priority and if there are any Field Trips, they are subject to change to fit the needs of the children or be cancelled because of Bad Weather or the behavior of the children.

Older Fours & Young Fives

(Creating the Foundation for Success)

As young children reach five years of age, it's time to start thinking about getting ready for school. It's time to introduce your child to a group setting where they can learn to interact with other children and develop critical social skills. Children at this age are ready for a more structured environment that promotes creative exploration and a passion for learning. They are ready to be introduced to some of the concepts they will use in kindergarten, first grade and throughout life. 

  • Kindergarten Prep - letters, words, numbers, early science and math concepts
  • Imaginative development - arts and crafts, dramatic play, storytelling
  • Social Development - interaction, cooperation, helping others
  • Physical Development - indoor and outdoor play, games, dancing

Getting ready for kindergarten is very exciting - and we want your child to stay excited about learning. So while we increase the focus on math, science, language and social studies, we make sure it's presented in an environment of fun. Pledger Palace was designed by early education specialists and follows the guidelines for developmentally appropriate practice set forth by National Accrediting Associations.

Our curriculum helps children develop the critical thinking and problem-solving skills they'll need to succeed in kindergarten, school and life. Teachers plan lessons to deepen understanding of basic academic concepts through exploration, investigation and play. We provide a place where children can challenge themselves and enjoy the thrill of discovery as they look forward to school. In fact, a study showed that children in our program made substantial gains in development and had the necessary skills to enter and excel in kinergarten.

Our Services!


An entity of Pledger Palace C.D.E.C, Inc.
Your School-Age Passport To Fun!! 

Royalty Shuttles! 

Our Royalty Shuttle service is designed to aid our working parents with transportation pickups from our neighborhood schools.  This service will also transport our voyager's to all of their fun filled summer destinations.  Our transportation service allows our children the opportunity to get involved with their community, families, and friends.  Whether it's a Afterschool pickup, bridal baby drop-off, a visit to the park, or a gift basket delivery to our local nursing home our shuttle service will take you their in confort and in style.​

Here at Pledger Palace Child Development and Educational Center Inc. We offer many services not only to the children that we care for but to the parents and the community as well.

Pledger Palace Child Development and Educational Center, Inc.


Bridal Baby is a service we offer to the families of the Wedding Party and their guests! After the pictures are taken, and the adult fun is ready to begin, We will be glad to assist you with aiding your children in a fun filled evening, so you can enjoy the wedding without the worries of your children being lost in the crowed.  We will provide them with an evening of fun filled activities, in a safe secure, loving environment, by certified childcare professionals.​